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8 Days / 7 Nights

This package will take you to Manatee Village on Gales Point to experience the wildlife, natural beauty and Creole culture of this area. You'll then head to Caye Caulker to relax and do some snorkeling on the Barrier Reef. About 25 miles south of Belize City lays the small peninsula of Gales Point, nestled between the Southern Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea.  It is surrounded by a large estuary system of several rivers, creeks, lagoons and channels.  This healthy ecosystem is home to the largest population of the endangered Manatees in the Caribbean. You'll also find many birds and wildlife in the surrounding jungle.  There are also secluded beaches where several species of turtles come to nest, including the endangered Hawksbill.  Nearby is Manatee Village, where you can experience the traditional Creole culture.  You can stroll into town and enjoy a local meal and some traditional Creole drumming. You will then head out to Caye Caulker. This island is off the northern coast of the country. The village, with its sandy streets and trendy bars, stores and restaurants, is a cool and relaxed place. Everything is at a walking distance here, with bikes, golf-carts and mostly travelers and locals on foot moving along the streets and shoreline. One of the main hang-out spots is the Split, a Channel that cuts the island in two. Overall, it’s a small and very laid-back island with colorful and warm people. The Barrier Reef is just a quarter mile from the shorline and you'll get a chance to snorkel it on this trip.

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Itinerary & What's Included:
-  You will be welcomed at the International Airport by a representative of
-  Private Transfer from the International Airport to a river where you'll board a boat. You'll continue on a scenic boat ride along this river which then opens up into the Southern Lagoon. On your way you'll stop at Birds Caye to view a variety of nesting birds. Final stop is Gales Point.
-  3 Nights accomodation at Manatee Lodge in Gales Point (with all meals included)
-  During your time at Manatee Lodge you will have a choice of 2 full day tours that include:
-  Jungle Based Tours around Gales Point
-  & Lagoon Based Tours around Gales Point
-  Manatee Village has a rich Creole Culture and you can visit this village during your free time
-  On your last day you'll have a private transfer by road from Gales Point to Belize City. On the way you'll stop and get a tour of the Belize Zoo.
-  The transfer from Belize City to Caye Caulker is not included. You can choose between a Water Tazi boat ride or a local flight. We can easily arrange any of these options for you.
-  4 Nights accomodation at Seaside Cabanas in Caye Caulker
-  Hol Chan Marine Reserve Snorkeling & Sailing Cruise Tour
-  The transfer from Caye Caulker to the International Airport on your last day is not included. You can choose between a Water Taxi boat ride or a local flight. We can easily arrange any of these options for you.
-  Equipment, park fees and lunch are included in all the tours of this trip
-  The smile on your face at the end of the trip is free

Doesn’t Include:
-  Departure Tax
-  International Flight
-  Transfers within Belize as specified above, but we can easily arrange these for you.






2 Persons in Room




Rates are per person and in US Dollars
Low Season: Sept 1 – Oct 31, 08
High Season: Jan 16 – Apr 2, 08 & Apr 14 – Aug 31, 08
Peak Season: Apr 3 – 13, 08 & Dec 15, 08 – Jan 15, 09
Children under 12 years stay FREE with parents.


Manatee Lodge in Gales Point

The lodge is located just north of Gales Point Village on the small peninsula with the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Southern Lagoon and Maya Mountains to the west.  The spacious guest rooms have rich wood interiors with murals painted by a local artist and balconies.  The octagonal dining room serves hearty meals with many traditional local dishes.  There’s also a small library.  When not out on a tour there are canoes and sailboats to explore the surrounding waters or take a stroll into Gales Point Village to enjoy some Creole culture.  Overall this is a small but comfortable lodge to enjoy this area.  

Seaside Cabanas in Caye Caulker

This seafront resort is filled with color. Orange dominates the exterior while reds and yellows accent the interiors. The colors are contrasted by wood grains and thatch. The rooms surround the central pool, with a view of the sea, with the courtyard dotted by a few coconut trees. It’s a small comfortable resort and well decorated. There’s a small collection of books near the front desk and above the bar there is a nice lounge that overlooks the pool. Overall, it offers great value and a nice change from the rustic guesthouse that dominate the island.


Lagoon Based Tours around Gales Point

The Southern Lagoon has one of the largest Manatee populations in the Caribbean, often seen around a hot spring in the lagoon.  The brackish water (mixture of salt and fresh water) along with plentiful sea grass beds makes an ideal environment for them.  A boat tour around these waterways offers excellent birding such as white ibis, great egret, herons and other wildlife like crocodiles and iguanas.  Along the coast are some deserted and beautiful beaches.  During May to October a variety of turtles use these beaches to lay their eggs, including the endangered Hawksbill. 

Jungle Based Tours around Gales Point

The surrounding jungle offers much to explore.  Birding along jungle trails might yield sightings of Toucans, Orapendulas and Courasaus.  Soldiers Creek runs through a series of freshwater pools and small waterfalls excellent for a cool swim.  Hike across some open savannahs to the edge of the jungle where you can climb to Ben Loman Cave.  Here you’ll find interesting limestone formations and Mayan pottery.  Hiking in the jungle you might find Jaguar tracks, other wildlife while you learn about the different medicinal uses of jungle plants.  You can also visit the Baboon Sanctuary which features a healthy population of Howler Monkeys.

Manatee Village in Gales Point - Creole Culture

This village was founded by maroons – runaway slaves, in the 1700s.  Today the residents are mostly fishermen and farmers.  Its unique history and relative seclusion have resulted in rich culture with strong African roots.  Locals have realized the importance of their Creole cultural heritage and have made great efforts to preserve it.  One excellent example of this preservation is the Maroon Creole Drum School.  Emeth Young and Boombay Andrewin can show you how to make traditional drums and introduce you into Samai music. 

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Snorkeling & Sailing Cruise Tour

This tour offers a fun filled day of sailing and snorkeling. The sailboat is a traditional wooden monohull painted in bright colors. You will set sail from the island and head north to a popular snorkeling spot called Coral Gardens. As the name implies there are lots of coral heads here with plenty of reef fish. Then you will jump into Shark Ray Alley where you can swim with nurse sharks and southern sting rays. Next you will snorkel Hol Chan’s main snorkeling site where you will see plenty of large fish and colorful corals. You will usually head back to the island just in time to catch a nice sunset while lounging on the sailboat’s deck. The tour lasts a full day.

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